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The Comments Section

Subs open 01/01-03/20/2022 for Issue 2!

The graphic is made to look like a laptop screen with different tabs open. Across the top in pink letters reads “The Comments Section Lit Mag.” Then the text below reads, “Poetry, Criticism, Hybrid work, Visual Art, Ephemera, Fiction, and Essays” and then “Subs Open 01/01/2022-03/20/2022.” Along the side in green text is the email “

Issue 1 is here

About The Comments Section

About Us

If you click enough YouTube videos or scroll down enough Tik Toks you’ll know technology has created vast and terrifying pockets of humanness. The Comments Section wants writing that plunges us into those internet depths. There’s a long tradition of poets and writers taking inspiration from and writing in conversation with visual art, film, and music (also known as ekphrasis)—The Comments Section ventures to bring new forms of media to that tradition. We want your Tik Tok Life Hack poems, your ASMR flash fictions, and lyric essays on ways your life has been shaped by that very specific flower time-lapse video. We love writing that breaks out of traditional forms. We also are interested in critical work that engages with these digital terrains as well. Work that straddles the often invisible line between creative and critical is most welcome.  This is a safe haven for strangeness—an oasis for everything odd. This is a space to interrogate new media form inundating our lives each day. 

Submission Guidelines

The Comments Section accepts hybrid work, poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and critical work about or related to the fairly broad theme of “internet weirdness.” There is no specific word count or page count for work but with that being said… don’t go overboard? Alright?

Submitting is free. Right now we don’t have the funds to pay contributors, though we hope to in the future.


  • All submissions should be sent to
  • Send no more than three pieces at once
  • Put your name and the title of your work in the title of your email
  • If you are referencing a specific video from YouTube/TikTok/Anywhere, make sure to credit the video/creator
  • No “cover letter” needed
  • The Comments Section does not accept work that supports systems of racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, fat-phobia, antisemitism, and abelism.



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